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It lives!

If you find yourself reading this you are either

(a) Lost
(b) Out of medication
(c) Already clicking the Back button
(d) I've become famous and you're tracing my rise to success.

In case you're wondering (you probably weren't (but you are now)) garyturner.net, the site that this blog is hosted on, is a phoney shopfront designed to conceal the real deal on this site, namely this blog.

Why the need for a cover? Well I haven't worked out a need yet but I'm on it. As an aside I'm especially proud that the phoney garyturner.net shop front actually fooled a couple of people in the last year or so who thought that I'd bought the domain name and site from a real organisation - mission accomplished if you ask me.

Among other things I think this blog will be in part dedicated to my 'problem'.

I suffer from an sickness which, if you are familiar with the mediocre 90's sit-com 'Dream On', results in me incessantly dreaming up advertising slogans, captions and other consumer marketing mumbo-jumbo in real life situations whether appropriate to the given situation or not. How did I get this illness? My guess is decades of exposure to all manner of marketing and advertising which has corrupted my brain. More about this later. Maybe.

When I have time I'll change the look of this page but for now its a standard blogger template.

In the meantime a big up goes out to RageBoy. Respect.

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