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Its old news now but I saw a preview of Microsoft's ad campaign for Windows XP pre September 11th in which the slogan ran "Windows XP. Prepare to fly" but which was was later changed to the more sedate "Windows XP. Yes you can". They rightly figured that "Prepare to fly" was a slightly off colour thing to be saying when many people were in fact preparing not to fly.

But, I think they could have come up with something better than "Yes you can". Yes you can what exactly? Is Windows XP any more likely to enable you to do absolutely anything you want? A tall order for an operating system by any standard.

Speaking of which Gates & Co. seem to be on a big push against software piracy these days, apparently 75% of all Microsoft Office installations are 'not genuine'. Apparently they think its small businesses who are to blame for this by "not being fully aware" of their legal position as Microsoft put it and so it is that we have the much loved Office XP and Windows XP activation situation.

So 75% of Microsoft's customers are criminals - I like the idea of a slogan around that.

"Microsoft Windows XP. Pay for it this time you cheap, thieving bastards"

Go on, give yourself up.

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