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Remission Statements

I was leafing through a software business directory the other day when it occurred to me that the first line of every entry was Mission Statement.

With a few exceptions most said the same things all mission statements tend to say, "to be the biggest in our sector x by developing the best product y for customers who we will give excelllent service to", or thereabouts.

Lack of imagination or what?

I've decided that if ever ran my own company then my mission statement would be "to be the kind of company that doesn't need a mission statement to patronise its staff and customers with". Then I thought there should be a new form of mission statement, something that says "hey customers, we've moved on, we can talk to you as adults now." So I decided, impulsively, to register remissionstatement.com as a home for this new movement for enlightened ceo's. More money than sense obviously.

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