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I think I'm doing

I think I'm doing OK.

Almost three weeks have passed since I started this weblog and I think I'm doing fine, at least in terms of updates.

Admittedly today is a slow day hence the reason I'm falling back on the good old "talk about weblogs" emergency content procedure. I could talk about Segway but everyone else will do that for me, so weblog talk it is.

On the technical side I really need to figure out why I was having problems getting the archives to work without screwing up the code, and I've been experimenting unsuccessfully with Radio which looks pretty cool from a technological supremacy perspective but I got about 75% of the way towards setting up a weblog with it before I hit an obstacle and gave up. Must look at it again.

Content wise I've been trying not to steal other peoples stuff and I think I've done OK in that respect. Unfortunately not OK enough to have my stuff stolen by other people but its early yet. I've been blogrolled on three other blogs so thanks go to RageBoy, the ever interesting Dr Weinberger and Don the METRO blogger who came out of nowhere. My micro audience is in fact therefore true to its description but again its early days.

If you are reading this and you like what you see please let me know, my Market Research dept. keep pestering me for feedback and I keep telling them to leave already and seek alternative employment. One day I'll have this page looking the way I want it but for now I'm content to tweak it here and there without actually breaking it too much.

So that was todays blog, not earth shattering incisive comment about something really interesting or complicated, just some idle chatter.

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