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WebTorch. The World's First Web Based Practical Lighting System


WebTorch 1.0 Patent Pending, #3847729 25th November 2002

Turner Industries is pleased to announce the world's first web based lighting system with the launch of a new product line which is set to revolutionize the web based lighting market. Using top secret patented technology, WebTorch is a dynamic new web service that has been designed to scale effortlessly over mutlitple hardware and operating system platforms.

WebTorch transforms your computing device, whether it be desktop, tablet or pocket based into a handy and ultra-portable illumination device. What's more, WebTorch doesn't run on batteries, it re-routes the power from your computing device to provide instant-on lighting whenever and wherever you need it.

A darkened office.......down a mineshaft..........whilst changing a tyre on your car at night, whatever the situation WebTorch is just the thing.

No you're not dreaming.

The practical uses for WebTorch are endless and it has already been tested by several international governments and has also received the personal endorsement of Kofi Annan, the General Secretary of the United Nations, who has a secret penchant for practical and versatile lighting solutions.

"WebTorch has helped me enormously in my quest for world peace, you know this job may have it's perks and the food here at the UN is second to none but my job would be ten times more difficult were it not for WebTorch. You could certainly say that WebTorch lights the path to peace for the UN." Kofi Annan

If all that versatility and value isn't enough to convince you to pony up for your own copy of WebTorch then you'll be stunned to learn that WebTorch can be overclocked for even greater power and luminance. Simply adjusting the brightness and contrast controls will result in a beam so strong and true you'll wonder how you ever lived a day without WebTorch in your life. WARNING Turner Labs cannot be held responsible for damage to property or personal injury resulting from improper use of WebTorch. All users are advised to not to stare directly at WebTorch when in use, especially if the patented overclocking facility is being utilised.

WebTorch is available through our beta programme for a strictly limited trial period here.

Disclaimer: for best results we advise that you use WebTorch in low light conditions

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