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Adventures In Blog - "blogtank"

"If I ruled the world."

Well now you can, well almost. The next thrilling spawn of MLOD 2002 is blogtank.com

blogtank will be a team blog where an amazing collection of the best minds in blogdom can get togther to brainstorm, develop solutions to problems, give birth to ideas and generally read the riot act to the rest of the world.

Now where do you fit in? Well, I've noticed that you're a bunch of very clever people, with expertise in many areas. So, I'm looking for willing volunteers from all areas, disciplines and professions to create a crack team of experts, visionaries and above all, humans to try this out. Hell, we might even achieve something special.

I'll set it up on my main domain tonight for the time being, we'll move to the blogtank.com domain maybe this weekend.

I'm guessing that the structure will be roughly as follows:

A issue, idea, problem or whatever is posted / requested as a blog entry, each with a category e.g. Business, Web, Global Peace, Best Apple Pie Recipies and what have you. We then use comments on each post to develop, trash, create, discuss, solve, grieve as appropriate. Our findings, if we ever get any will then be available as independent research for.....I haven't worked that bit out yet.

In the future the good people of blogtank will be contracted by willing parties to opine, solve or research absolutely anything we want to. There may even be some money, there will certainly be community.

We each have a role to play and we all have special knowledge and opinions to share. Our first mission is to develop a slogan for blogtank, until the domain is up we'll start that one here.

It is in our collective gift to decide whether we make something of this, something that registers on the radar of conventional thinking & consulting outside of the web. Now wouldn't that be cool?

Blogging. Rock & Roll for the new millennium.

Update: the temporary blogtank blog is now up and running, drop me an email and I'll send you a blogger invitation.

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