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Personal Dashboard

Very rough concept but something visual like this is what I mean by a personal console or personal dashboard on the Web, with a regular a textual blog being a part of it, but with less emphasis than currently. I'm seeing these working as floating animated flash panels that can be manipulated or brought into focus or zoomed and expanded possibly, each being updated like mini-blogs on a regular basis.

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I like it. Leaves you open for expanding later on, adding more panels, changing panels etc...
What might be cool is if the panels all around could 'zoom in' to the centre when you click on them. To show more information perhaps.

Plus it's yet another Turner-vention that we all love.

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterNonny

At a basic level this is just presenting most recent posts by category together on a front page. It should be easy enough to achieve this using static boxes but I've no experience with flash or anything like that. I'll have a play with the static view when i get some time.

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterGary

It would be interesting to see if you could build an interesting user interface that wouldn't take to much explaination to run.

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered Commenterjr

I tend to dislike flash-based sites on principle. I went through that phase and found it more hassle to maintain than the kudos it gives you is worth.
I just go for (X)HTML wherever I can. The most adventurous I get now is a nice JPEG every so often.
My fun all happens at the server end :-)

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterNonny

Feels like there much in common with the photoblox / Laszlo stuff http://blogs.it/0100198/" rel="nofollow">Marc Canter has over on his site.

This sounds like a new take on a pre-packaged personal dashboard blog service which, if I had the time to set it up, I'd call "TrivialSigns.com", this cheese-laden name being a tweak on the term "Vital Signs".

Forgive me.

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterGary


Today, "I'm liking" a bucket of fried chicken, and 1 quart of mashed potatoes from Popeye's Chicken. Same for you?


November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterOrson Welles

Hey Orson, arn't you dead? Or has the boundaries of the internet's reach now gone beyond the grave? :-p

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterNonny

So if I understand it correctly you just want a flashy, zoomy interface? Because basically you already have a personal dashboard on the Web. It's called your web site... ;-)

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterNiek Hockx

I understand dashboards to be, as the analogy goes, like a car dashboard. Lots of information in a small space. An more importantly in a format that is easy to read. Most blogs (and most websites for that matter) tend to be monolithic 4-page+ 'scrollers' that unless you are used to such sites and/or can be bothered navigating them, are a pain in the ass. Mine included.

I'd like to see how your blog turns out Gary it may start a new craze :-)

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterNonny

Canter's been working on something similar since I've known him. Shit the first night I met him he talked my ear off for about 3 hours about his vision. It's interesting stuff.

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterJason D-

Instant readability is what I'm aiming for. Most blogs contain the information I'd like to present, but they're often deep within the archives, below the fold or lost in a cluttered sidebar. If any of the elements interest you, click it to see (pictures speak a thousand words) or read the extended post beneath. Or whatever. This is probably more like a root contents or headline summary page for some who will maintain regular blogs beneath. For others, it'll be the main event.

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterGary

I'll offer my services as "What food I'm liking..." editor. I see myself as the chief of corpulence. Speaking of sushi, I went to Sea World and they were feeding Shamu the whale *pailfuls* of raw fish. I could enjoy such compensation for my services with perhaps a carafe of an unassuming chardonnay.

I have indeed returned from the great beyond to warn everyone of an unrecognized hazard that led to my demise. I was at a bloggers' dinner when someone inopportunely turned on his cellphone coincidentally with a spontaneous release of methane gas from yours truly. Oh, the conflagration!


November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterOrson Welles

I'm new to all this blog thing, but have been reading yours (and others) regularly looking for "etiquette" tips!

Like the idea of Flash apps, big fan - and I also like the idea that FOOD should have its own heading! It certainly would feature high on my list of headings (along with technology and music/vision).

Thanks for the ideas!

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterPhillip Ingham

This sounds like a new take on a pre-packaged personal dashboard blog service

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered Commenterniks

Bits and pieces

http://weblog.garyturner.net/archives/001457.html" rel="nofollow">Gary is considering giving his blog a makeover, something in a dashboard stylee. I like the look of it, ...

November 30, 1999 | Unregistered CommenterChocolate and Vodka

Blog as Personal dashboard

Love Gary Turner's idea of a blog as a personal dashboard -- memoria technica | Personal Dashboard. Despite what my huge reading audience might think, I basically do my blog for me. It is where I keep interesting pointers to...

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