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Redefining Big

We've been conditioned over twenty years to think that Microsoft was as big as you could ever get in technology.

Some data insights from Apple's last quarter financial results courtesy of The Critical Path podcast.

  • As a standalone business, the iPhone now makes more profit than the whole of Microsoft. The iPhone business didn't exist five years ago.
  • For bonus points, Apple's total quarterly profit was $1Bn more than Google's total revenue for the quarter. That's Google's revenue, not profit. 
  • In the minutes immediately following the publication of Apple's results last Wednesday, Apple's stock price lifted by $50+ a share, adding more than $40Bn to Apple's market capitalization.
  • Using just that instant lift in market cap, Apple could have bought the entire mobile phone industry, (Nokia $14Bn, RIM $7Bn, HTC $12Bn, Motorola $12Bn) and would still have had chump change left over.

We've never seen numbers like these.

(Update - someone just pointed out these don't add up to $40Bn - I just transcribed the numbers off the podcast as they were spoken. And I guess the point Horace Dedui is making is that in general terms, for a brief period Apple's market cap lift (the point being it's just the lift) was as large or larger than the estimated the market caps of all the other mobile phone businesses put together. What's $5Bn between friends.)

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Yup, they're real telephone numbers.

May 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMike

$14B + $7B + $12B + $12B = $45B

May 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRoman
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