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Instagram : The Cameraphone's Second Honeymoon

I loved Instagram for a few months. Now I barely even notice it on the front page of my iPhone's app screen. This change in my usage pattern puzzled me until I recognised a similar adoption and abandonment behaviour I'd seen before, when mobile phones first started getting inbuilt cameras about ten years ago.

I remember back in 2002 that the prospect of having a camera with me at all times felt like a marvel of the modern world. I'd take snaps of cups of coffee and any banal thing I'd find. Then the honeymoon period passed and the camera in my phone got used only when you'd ordinarily actually use a camera. Like parties and actual events.

I think Instagram was just a second honeymoon for mobile phone cameras. With lubricants and toys.

And now that's passed and nobody cares any more. Like nobody cares about MySpace.

They were smart to sell when they did.

[note to self : find other technologies that could use a second honeymoon]

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