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Fake it 'til you make it

The fact that Nokia permitted the launch of its new Lumia phones to be overshadowed by the news that they had faked critical elements of its supporting product marketing, shows just how desperate Nokia is.

That's not to say they deliberately and knowingly concluded that faking the video and photos was a reasonable thing to do, more that their sense of reason and internal control (at least in the marketing team) is so distorted by the 'hail mary' situation that they're in.

Nokia's people know that this is probably the last roll of the dice before the company disintegrates, and that their camera is probably one of the best, standout features their new device has over the competition. To say they allowed their enthusiasm for it to get out of control is probably the most charitable way to describe what happened.

I'd also bet they let go a bunch of people from their marketing department in the last twelve months that would have had the sense to have prevented this.

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