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2013 Tech Predictions

A somewhat sobering list for 2013.

  1. The 2008-2010 App era is fading fast and the category will rationalize downwards to a core set of premium quality apps we actually need. We've grown wiser and we're no longer wowed by yet another five minute wonder.
  2. Facebook will undergo a similar reality adjustment.
  3. There will be a huge DropBox privacy blunder, like a civil servant unwittingly sharing sensitive records in public (makes a change from leaving laptops in taxis) and DropBox probably won't recvover from the reputational damage.
  4. iOS 7 will either ship early because Apple will succumb to the pressure to demonstrate that it's rediscovered its innovation mojo, or late because it takes longer to rediscover its innovation mojo.
  5. An iPad Mini retina will ship by June and at the same time we'll grow weary of the annual upgrade gravy train and will start to question why we need another (insert any iOS/Android based device) so soon.
  6. Both Michael Dell and Steve Ballmer will retire.
  7. Google+ will be rebranded and reconstituted as something else in a bid to jumpstart it.
  8. ...

More when I think of them.

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