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Ethics In Business II - Prelude To The Maddening

It's troubling. Either I'm somehow subconsciously ascending to some higher plain of heavenly rectitude and the world is the same as it ever was, or the morality of the planet has degraded to the point that a stranger would just as soon as nick your watch as ask you the time of day.

All I know is I've still got the hump about business ethics, or rather the ever growing black whole where they used to be.

What have we become...

PS. I realise these pleas when read a certain way might mistakenly betray the impression of your correspondent succumbing to a deepening, spiralling madness inside which I may well have surrounded myself with photos of my unethical protagonists with their eyes scratched out and pinned to the walls around all me, curtains closed, a single track of Norwegian black metal blaring incessantly, piles of unopened mail behind the door, weekly Amazon Prime deliveries of bulk-buy tinned food and toilet rolls. That will later descend into some perverted mission to serially dispose of those who pollute the sanctity of the pristine chapel that is my concsiousness.

But that would be reading too much into them. The postscripts, I'm not so sure about.

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