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Startup culture vs. business culture

One of the side-effects of being in a fast growing business is you find yourself interviewing lots of candidates for new jobs as the company expands. So, I'd estimate that I've personally interviewed getting on for 100 people over the last twelve months and therefore I've also listened to myself answering the same kinds of questions over and over again, too.

One of those questions is often 'So, what's it like working here?' to which my stock answer is 'Fun, rewarding, exciting, challenging, amazing but I've never worked harder in my life."

That last part is a deliberate warning designed to initiate the required portion of the interview conversation where you try to smoke out people looking for 'just a job'.

I remember times in my career where I'd have the occasional slow day, the kinds of days you reserve to clean out your cluttered inbox, defrag your hard disk, tidy your desk, get your shit together and take stock. Not a lazy, slacker day; just a day when you have some headspace to attend to the kinds of tasks that always seem to come second place to the more important, pressing matters of the day.

These days don't exist in a startup.

Instead, in startup (or just post-startup) it's relentless and akin to standing in front of an out-of-control tennis ball machine. I thought I'd worked pretty darn hard in the twenty odd years I'd expended before coming here, and I've had some challenging, demanding jobs.

How wrong I was.

PS. I'm hiring.

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