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Google Glass & Short-Sightedness

You're not likely to see me wearing Google Glass any time soon. Way too dorky/creepy.

And thus far this kind of sentiment feels like where the wider, collective reaction to Google Glass has settled, people being too unnerved by the privacy thing - nevermind the nerd angle -  to seriously consider owning a pair.

And that could well be the end of it, Google Glass was a dead duck at launch, unable to jump through some reaonably fearsome hoops of adoption fire.

But I actually suspect it's not the end - it's just going to take society a while longer to digest Glass.

Like it did with the first automobiles that had people running for their lives when they first clattered around a corner, or the first flights or the first of anything that moves the game on in a significant way.

We're toolmakers and we just need time to adapt to new tools, just like we always did.

I'm not a fan of Google Glass today, but I've come to suspect that we'll look back in twenty or so years and amusingly refer to the time when short-sighted people used to wear those old, analog spectacles that just corrected their vision.

Short-sighted, right enough.

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But what if you're already a geek/dork? what happens then my liege.
Quick response would be appreciated sir.

February 4, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterA concerned person
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